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Pre and Post Surgery:

Healing from bariatric surgery or plastic surgery?  There are several tools you can use to help speed your recovery along. The key to a good recovery is minimal pain and quick recovery time. Learn what you can do to help yourself heal faster. In fact, her doctoral thesis was “Naturopathic Modalities for Surgical Wound Healing”.

Dr. Delayne Gratopp has researched the best, safest and most effective treatments for pre and post surgical wound healing.

You had reasons for your surgery, make sure you utilize ALL the avenues available for you to get the best results.  Natural Medicine can help you BEFORE and AFTER with the recovery process.


Pre and Post Surgery




Are your “sugars” high?  Has your doctor warned you that you are on the brink of Type II Diabetes?  HgA1C elevated?

Insulin resistance, Metabolic Syndrome, Hypoglycemia and Type II Diabetes are all conditions that can be helped tremendously with a nutritional protocol.  Without nutritional intervention these conditions can lead to an abundance of health risks and problems such as:  becoming dependent on pharmaceutical insulin or other sugar regulation pharmaceuticals, obesity, high triglycerides, diabetic ulcers and even blindness! Don’t let a simple change in diet scare you off, Dr. Delayne Gratopp can help you formulate a diet plan that works for you to start lowering your sugars and maximizing your insulin.


High Cholesterol:

Has your doctor started to warn you about your cholesterol levels?  Are you already on statins or other cholesterol lowering medications?

Although there is a hereditary component to cholesterol levels, diet can play a significant role in lowering and maintaining cholesterol levels.

A change in diet can improve your “good cholesterol”  (HDL’s), and decrease your “bad cholesterol”  (LDL’s).  High triglycerides have been shown to increase risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.  The good news is that they can be controlled with diet and lifestyle changes.  Dr. Gratopp will help you implement the proper nutritional and lifestyle changes to start getting your numbers back on track and reduce your cardiovascular risk.

High Cholesterol




 Are you struggling with your weight?  Sick of yo-yo dieting?  Want to be able to run around          with your children or grandchildren? Go rock climbing?  What is it that you are missing out on because of your weight?

 Studies show that long term obesity can lead to increased cardiovascular risk, increased joint pain, increased risk for diabetes and stroke as well as decreased quality of life.

 Take charge of your health now, quit yo-yo dieting.  Dr. Delayne Gratopp can help you figure out what foods are best for your individual constitution.  She can figure out the obstacles to your success and help you remove them from your life.  Whether it is physiological, physical,   emotional or a combination of them all, Dr. Gratopp will help you navigate through them for long term weight loss.

DoIt 300 Club

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There are several options, from Health Coaching to the more in depth, “Naturopathic Integrative” consult.  For more information or to schedule a complimentary “Take Back Your Health” Breakthrough Session with Dr. Gratopp:

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