Public Speaking

Speaker, Motivator, Coach

Speaker, Motivator, Coach

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A motivational and prolific speaker, she can inspire crowds while teaching and motivating them towards action.


Some Types of Lectures Available:

Small Changes/Big Results:  Learn what small lifestyle changes you can implement into your life to receive HUGE health benefits. 

Keep Colds and Flu Away:  Natural remedies to boost your immune system and help your body fight of colds and flu for the whole season.

Grocery Store Truths:  Learn 10 things you should ABSOLUTELY know before buying food for your family. Learn how to navigate a grocery store for the biggest health benefits for you and your family.

The Missing Link Between Knowledge and Action: Why do we know what to do but never do it?  What are the ways you can get yourself motivated to change your life?

Dr. Gratopp is a Natural Health Expert with the incredible ability to take complicated science and explain it in a way that makes sense to everyone. 

What does your company want to say about health?
Do you want to motivate your employees to get healthier and stay there?
Less sick days, more productive workweeks?
Do you want to learn more about natural medicine?

“How can I help?”  - Dr. Gratopp

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